Extension Water cooled chillers

Water-cooled refrigeration units with efficiency guaranteed by components and layout tested in the most difficult conditions.
In this case, the condensation water can be supplied by evaporative towers, closed-loop cooling batteries or other external systems.

The compressors used for these structures can be hermetic, semi-hermetic or twin screw, depending on the characteristics, dimensions and results to be achieved.

The electrical panel and the command and control elements are enclosed in watertight compartments to offer a guarantee against humidity and atmospheric agents.

ASKI Refrigerazione Srl | Refrigeratori condensati ad acqua Serie LCW


LCW extension

Series with 1 circuit
Cooling capacity: from 8 to 120 kW

LCW extension

Series with 2-circuits
Cooling capacity: from 60 to 400 kW


Series with 1 or 2 circuits
equipped with semi-hermetic twin screw compressors
Cooling capacity: from 350 to 1300 kW