Thermoregulators for temperature control

Compact temperature control units and systems dedicated to various sectors (plastic material transformation and die-casting, etc.) available in various configurations from 9 to 36 kW in standard configuration.

The maximum stability of the set temperature and the consequent reduction of thermal oscillations, with a considerable saving of electricity, is made possible thanks to the use of high-performance regulating valves and large-surface exchangers that, with their combined action, respond quickly and accurately on the set-point temperature.

The CO and CW series machines can be adapted to different temperature and flow rate requirements. The CW version, with water circulating fluid, has a continuous range of use up to 90° (in the pressurized version 140°), while the CO version, with oil circulating fluid, the range of use exceeds 300°.
Machines are available in “OPEN TANK” and “CLOSED TANK” versions.


CW extension

Thermoregulator with water circulating fluid


Thermoregulator with oil circulating fluid