An important segment of the company’s technical resources is for research and development of industrial systems in various fields. A number of applications are to be found within a logic of individual development through the study of specific business needs in the various sectors.

ASKI is strongly oriented to study the needs and solve the most complex problems that sometimes arise in the temperature control of air, gases and fluids in general. Several applications have been implemented for cooling with forced air of systems with high productivity of PE caps, PET preforms and other products in the FOOD and BEVERAGE field and in full compliance with FDA regulations. The fast cooling of the product during the process enables a reduction in the shrinkage and keeps of the dimensions provided.

A number of the most rewarding experiences have enabled us to be valued among the most dynamic partners in customization with industry leaders and OEMs around the world.

From the automotive, to the food, and through the chemical and medical industries, ASKI has concretely achieved all-round partnerships, realizing real technological icons that are unique of their kind, identifying areas for improvement and ensuring maximum productive system efficiency.

Complete systems and “turnkey” solutions have been made in various fields of application, creating new industrial standards and generating expertise of new generation.
An established brand worldwide gathering support internationally, thanks to its proven ability to pursue quality and innovation.