Custom made special applications

The flagship of ASKI is represented by its ability to fulfil the particular needs of each individual customer with the design and subsequent construction of specific plants and machinery.

This has allowed us to live a series of some of the most rewarding experiences and to be considered, by leading companies in various sectors, as partners endowed with remarkable dynamism and flexibility.

From the automotive to the food industry, passing through the chemical and medical sectors, ASKI has concretely created all-round partnerships, realizing true and unique technological icons of their kind, identifying areas of optimization and guaranteeing maximum efficiency of the production systems.

ASKI Refrigerazione Srl | Applicazioni speciali custom made

Complete systems and “Turnkey” solutions have been created in the most varied fields of application, creating new industry standards and generating new generation know-how. A well-established brand across the board at an international level that is acclaimed all over the world, thanks to its proven ability to pursue quality and innovation.

Our custom-made

Wind tunnel

Refrigeration plant for new anodizing line

Cryogenic chiller for the food sector

Centralized cooling system for plastic granule extrusion plant

Cryogenic chiller for the pharmaceutical sector

Coming soon…