The range of fluid pumping units, complete with tank for cooled water, is designed to be installed in air conditioning and refrigeration systems to increase the thermal inertia. They are available in the most varied specific versions for single and multiple ring systems. The storage tanks are designed to limit turbulence of the fluids inside and determine a constant and homogeneous temperature to be transmitted to the various circuits, both in the “open” configuration, or at atmospheric pressure, as well as the pressurized version.
Various levels of insulation are provided in order to ensure the insulation conforming to the required standards of customers. Size tanks according to the needs of the customer. Accurate finishing, valves and fittings of high quality are the characteristics common to all of our pump units.
The temperature control with 3-way valves ensures a precision and constant temperature in the systems.
Management systems with PID microprocessor ensure the interface with any system with dedicated programming. The inverter version is also available.